Functional Health Acupuncture only accepts "Out of Network" coverage for these three insurance companies: United Healthcare, Aetna and Cigna insurance companies.  We DO NOT accept Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance.  However, we will provide a superbill to you, so that you can get reimbursed from your insurance company.

Does your insurance plan cover Acupuncture?

If you do not know, call them. and ask these questions.

1. Does my insurance plan cover Acupuncture?

2. Do I have "Out of Network" coverage as well as "In Network" coverage?

3. How much is my deductible? Have I met my deductible?

4. Do I have a Co-pay or Co-insurance? and, what is the price or percentage.

Please book appointments online as it shows all availability for the next month. If there are any other questions please email You can also call or text (917)-868-2480 to ask any questions.

Common ailments treated
low back pain 
neck pain 
tennis elbow 
knee pain 
tempromandibular(TMJ) dysfunction  
post-operative pain 
reactions to radiation or chemo
allergic rhinitis, including hay fever  
auto-immune diseases
digestive issues
erectile dysfunction
‚ÄčFertility issues(male and female)